About us

“The Commodity Buyer Newsletter ©” was created by Jacques Soler in February 23, 2009.

Jacques Soler was passionated by the work of buyer for the technical dimension of products : fruits, vegetables, coffee and juice, which he had become an expert from his initial training (engineer in horticulture school of Versailles) and during his various professional experiences in retail and in the food industry.

Jacques appreciated the wealth of contacts with suppliers which he loved discover countries and cultures: the buyer profession allowed him to travel all over the world and understand each other’s issues.

Create “The Commodity Buyer Newsletter ©” for Jacques was a way to share his passion by providing daily service to agribusiness professionals with a simple website and open market.

It is in this spirit that in February 2013, Jean-Yves Morin, the new chief editor, took over the daily management of the press review on “The Commodity Buyer Newsletter ©”.